Road Safety in 21st Century

HSM Associates provides consultancy service for public sector groups, the transport industry and voluntary organisations interested in improving road safety.

We specialise in giving advice on appropriate research methodology to identify driver skill deficiency, attitudinal and perception problems. We can help you implement suitable and effective methods of training and testing drivers and suggest means of improving driver behaviour and road safety.

By commissioning our consultancy service we can help you acquire:

  • Technical skills in assessing driver performance using;
    • On road assessment
    • Nahviλ and Nahviα Indices
    • Using a driving simulator
  • Technical skills in driving performance using a driving simulator
  • Methods of securing Driving licence integrity and fraud prevention
  • Driver risk audit
  • Safety audit
  • Safety culture audit
  • Dissemination of culturally/environmentally appropriate best practice in driver training and road safety
  • Qualitative research using interview methodology to uncover perceptions of driving and transport-related issues
  • Experience in leading research teams
Contact details:

HSM Associates
Road Safety & Sustainable transport Consultants

Enquiries +44(0) 20-3695 2429  

road safety ext. 2221

Driver Education and training ext. 2222

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