Sustainable Transport in 21st Century

HSM Associates provides Sustainable Consultancy Services for public sector groups, commercial organisations and voluntary groups aiming to reduce the environmental and financial cost of transport Our skills and experience enable us to help our clients to:
  • Develop sustainable practices that enhance access and mobility
  • Analyse Their current transport use and to review their transport policy
  • Ascertain Environmental, Social and financial costs of their transport policy
  • Take advantage of innovative transport solutions
  • Minimise use in terms of energy, land, material and financial resources

HSM Associates provides Consultancy and practical solutions in the following fields:

  • Land use and spatial planning
  • Accessibility analysis
  • Sustainable transport policy and strategy development
  • Transport assessments
  • Preparation of Green travel plans and audits
  • Environmental, social and financial analysis
  • Training workshops
  • How to reduce Travel needs of the organisation
  • Alternative Vehicle/ transport Technologies
  • Logistics/Fleet management
  • Transport research, monitoring and analysis
  • Development of Bespoke Software Solutions
  • Information about Grants and other available funding sources
Contact details:

HSM Associates
Sustainable Transport

Enquiries +44(0)20-3695 2429